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15 for 2015

Hello! And so begins the first working week of 2015. I'm really excited to get started, especially as today is the first day of my Makelight Worldwide course with students checking in from all around the world. It's such a lovely way to being the year. 

As last year came to an end it was fun to take a look at my 14 for 2014 list and see what I'd managed to achieve. I happily ticked off some of them but smiled at others. I clearly thought I'd have a lot more time to myself at the beginning of 2014. It was definitely before I signed my book deal! But this year I'm determined to make time for more of this stuff, so I'm putting some of them on this year's list too. 

I was unsure that I should do a 15 for 2015 list. Not because I think 15 things is too many but if I continue before I know it I'll be writing 25 things for 2015! However, I am going to do it because at some point this year I'll compile my 40 before 40 list (the big 4 0 is happening next year folks!) and I figure that I can start that list with this 15. So, here goes... 

1. Continue to workout several times a week.

2. Meditate daily. 

3. Write a daily handwritten journal. 

4. Draw regularly. 

5. Read some books. (no pressure on how many!) 

6. Give and receive a weekly massage. (we've had a lesson and everything...so no excuses here!)

7. Connect with friends offline. 

8. Keep dancing in the kitchen with my family. 

9. Travel....even when it feels so hard to do with four young children. Do it. The happy memories will last a life time. The tough bits will fade or become funny stories. 

10. Cook, bake, and take beautiful images of the stuff that works. 

11. Do something that scares me. 

12. Take time off and go slowly from time to time. 

13. Watch some films. I have stopped watching films. No idea why but I think it must be connected to having all these children! Fortunately a cinema is opening in a couple of months at the end of our road. Here's to making the most of that. 

14. Shoot more video. This wonderful woman has totally inspired me to do this over the past year. 

15. Explore more of my wonderful city. 

Have you made a list of goals or plans for the new year? I hope my list has inspired you! Have a beautiful week. xo

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