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The Making of a Book - The Beginning

This time last year I was busy preparing to go and pitch my book. I can't believe that a year later I'm preparing for its publication! 

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of images with you of how my book started out. 

As my pitch was all about makers I wanted to create something to take with me that actually represented the homemade and was something unique and personal. My book pitch was this handmade book full of ideas for the book. Like a mood board in a book for me to leave with the publishers after our meeting. 

Makers Spaces pitch by Emily Quinton


It was such a gamble. It could have made me look so unprofessional and clueless! Fortunately for me it worked.

And this has now become this... 

Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton

You can now pre-order a signed copy of 'Maker Spaces' with a limited edition letterpress print designed and printed by one of the makers featured in the book. And on Thursday I will be revealing the second maker in the book. If you missed the introduction to the first maker last week, here she is! 

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