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Makelight Photography Workshops

Makelight Photography Workshops

I have started 2015 with a lovely set of Makelight Photography workshops and I am really loving teaching, sharing and inspiring so many wonderful people both in London and around the world through my online course. 

On Saturday I held my Makelight Photography Workshop, Level One in one of my favourite studios. Once again a wonderful group of women had booked onto the workshop and the day was full of smiles, laughs, inspiration and a lot of learning and sharing. And yesterday, I held my first Visual Social Media workshop, which went really well and made me very excited about other new workshops I have planned for this year. 

I am also really enjoying teaching my online course, Makelight Worldwide for the second time. I love how my students connect with each other and support one another. It is just a complete joy! 

I love teaching so much and I really feel that through my Makelight Workshops I have found what I am meant to teach. Reading these three lovely reviews here, here and here from the weekend has made my heart sing.

Images taken at Saturday's workshop by  @basilandford  |  @weddingyurts  |  @lingyeungb  |  @weddinghelperuk

Images taken at Saturday's workshop by @basilandford | @weddingyurts | @lingyeungb | @weddinghelperuk

Images taken at Tuesday's Visual Social Media workshop by  @natmarchbanks  |  @sarah_notes_._._._  |  @takingamomentintime  |  @blossomtreekerry

Images taken at Tuesday's Visual Social Media workshop by @natmarchbanks | @sarah_notes_._._._ | @takingamomentintime | @blossomtreekerry

A Makelight photography workshop is more than just a photography workshop. It is a place to connect with other people and make new friends, to be inspired about life not just photography and to become part of the Makelight community, which is continuing to grow into something so beautiful and special. 

When I teach I get just as much inspiration from my students as I always hope they get from me. They make me think really hard about what I do and why I do it. Teaching helps me to continually reflect and grow as a photographer, a teacher and as a person. It pushes me forward in a wonderful way. 

If you would like to take part in a Makelight workshop I would really love to spend the day with you. I have lots of new dates in London and my first overseas one in Portland, Oregon. I am also really open to travelling with Makelight to new places both in the UK and abroad, so if you would like me to come to a venue near you then please get in touch and we can start a conversation! 

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