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Sharing, Inspiring, Teaching - Makelight Photography Workshops

Makelight Workshops

On Saturday I had the pleasure of running another Makelight Photography Workshop here in London. Ten inspiring and lovely women gathered for a day packed with photography, creativity, sharing, inspiring, delicious food (from Pitfield!) and plenty of laughs. I may also have baked a cake!

We talked about inspiration, daily creativity and developing your own visual style. We discussed light and composition. I shared my tips and tricks for getting the best from your camera phone and helped everyone move off Auto on their dSLRs and other cameras. 

I bought boxes and bags full of props, flowers, fabric, books and magazines to inspired everyone to pick up their camera phones and cameras and get shooting. And just look at what they created! 

Thank you lovely students: @katielevettallen - @neenkavanagh - @prettigracyweddings - @gossipgirltalks - @xxbirdhouse - @linen_and_silk - @thetwmum - @thegreengable - @louisianna76. You can find more Makelight workshop images by following #makelightworkshops on Instagram. 

If you would like to join a Makelight Photography workshop my online four week course begins on Monday and I am teaching an inspiring and creative two day workshop with Gudy Herder in November in London, so wherever you are in the world you can join me and make your images shine! 

A huge thank you to the wonderful Alyssa Aldersley for being a super assistant on Saturday and for taking the great workshop images above! Alyssa is also a passed Makelight student. xo

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