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Hello Makers : Laura Thomas

Hooray, it's Thursday again, which means it's time for the next 'Hello Makers' feature. This week I am introducing you to Laura Thomas and her gorgeous brand Laura Thomas Linens. Laura kindly sent me a beautiful pair of white linen pillow cases over the Summer and I have absolutely loved sleeping on them. They have washed so well too - just wonderful. 

Hello Laura, thank you for joining us today. 
Where do you live and work?

I can not imagine life without the sea.  The tide and beach are an integral part of my day.  So when we moved back from New Zealand six months ago, the beautiful seaside village of Gullane, 30 minutes east of Edinburgh was a perfect place to rear two little girls who were used to a barefoot coastal lifestyle.  We play, socialise, exercise and regularly picnic on the beach.  I am very fortunate to work in an office from home.

What is special to you about these spaces and how do they influence your work?

There is nothing better than an early morning run on the beach to relax and prepare for the day.  The sand and sea air very much influence my work by clearing my mind of thoughts and allowing me to hit my office with energy for the day.  

What is your maker story? 

In 2011 we were living in Edinburgh.  My bedroom looked out onto Edinburgh Castle.  While supping on a cup of tea one Sunday morning and looking out on the true beauty of the man-made castle that I wondered what the bedding of the Kings and Queens of yester-year was like.  It was at that moment Laura Thomas Linens was born.  In 2012 we had moved back to New Zealand and Laura Thomas Linens started trading.  I design all bedding as well as make all my own Laura Thomas soy candles.  My all white style and organic cotton range has built up a big following in New Zealand and I am thoroughly enjoying entering the UK market since moving back to Scotland.

What is your favorite product that you sell?

That's a hard one!  I simply adore my organic cotton bed linen range.  It's a best seller and being organic is washes time after time to be like new again!  I am also addicted to all scented candles and am very excited to announce my soy candle range is going to be expanding very soon.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Magazines, social media, interior blogs, books and researching for my own blog.  I try to work my day around reading, listening and finding positivity to spark little ideas!  I have also just joined a local business networking club with other woman who juggle business with children and I find all the members of the group very inspiring.

How does social media and GREAT.ly influence your work as a maker?

Social media is a large part of my promotion, discovery of other creatives and inspiration.  I'm really enjoying twitter at the moment.  GREAT.ly is a fantastic way of connecting with the tastemakers and selling to a larger like-minded market that have been brought to this wonderful site.

Thank you so much Laura. I am so happy to stock your beautiful products in the Makelight GREAT.ly store and I'm definitely going to pop one of your gorgeous looking candles into my basket this week. Just perfect for the changing seasons! 

I stock Laura's lovely candles and linens, so do pop over and treat yourself to something beautifully made. 

You can find Laura and say hello here: 

// Images : Jess Burges Exposure Photographics for Laura Thomas Linens

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