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Hello Makers - Becky Kemp

I am delighted to be back with another talented maker today in this week's Hello Makers post. Today I am sharing the work of Becky Kemp and her lovely brand Sketch .Inc, which I stock in my GREAT.ly store. 

Hello Becky! Where do you live and work?

I live in Colchester, England and work from my home studio.

What is special to you about these spaces and how do they influence your work?

My studio is an extension on the back of our house with large windows and tinted glass roof, the light is fantastic. The space is light and roomy, where I can work undisturbed and watch the changing of the seasons in garden. The walls and shelves are littered with pieces from some of my favourite artists, magazine cuttings and doodles which are always a source of inspiration.

What is your maker story? 

I studied Fine Art Painting at University and trained as a high school Art & Design teacher. I soon left teaching when I realised I’d rather be designing and making art than teaching it to others and took part-time bar jobs to make the rent while I tried to establish myself. 5 Years later I was managing bars and nightclubs around the country with no creative outlet. My mother suggested I start selling my work online part-time and the rest is history. A year later I gave up the 80hr a week day/night job and went into business for myself. Sketch.inc was born from the pages of my sketchbooks which have kept me company all my life, hence the name.

anna shoes.jpg

What is your favorite product that you sell?

I enjoy making all of my products but I guess the Coco Kokeshi is closest to my heart. She was one of the first characters I illustrated and sold as a print and later the first Kokeshi doll I made. She has many sisters living around the world and I still enjoy making every single one.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the simple aesthetics of Nordic design and the playful creativity of Japanese illustration. I’m too untidy to be a minimalist but I do enjoy simple natural materials. Painting on wood is unlike any other medium, how it absorbs and carries the paint, to the path of the grain and shade and texture of the wood. Discovering a wood lathe in my late father’s shed was amazing.

How does social media and GREAT.ly influence your work as a maker?

GREAT.ly is the link with bloggers I’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. Sketch.inc wouldn’t be the same business without social media and the hawk-eyed bloggers out there. Social media and particularly Instagram are the tools I use to spread awareness and love for my business. Word of mouth was once the cheapest and most reliable form of advertising, now it’s a shelfie.

IG G.jpg

Thank you so much Becky! I'm so happy to stock your wonderful products in the Makelight GREAT.ly Store

You can say hello to Becky here: 

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Images // Becky Kemp - Sketch.Inc

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