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Hello Makers - Alyson Beaton

Lille Huset

Hello lovely readers! I'm a little late with my Hello Makers post today because I've been busy working on my book this week and then indulging in some much needed time with my little ones today. But here I am now with another talented maker from my GREAT.ly store. Say hello to Alyson Beaton, creator of lille huset, the most beautiful little house for little people to build and play with. They are high on my wish list for my little ones - one of those toys you secretly want for yourself because they are so beautifully designed and oh so pretty! 

Where do you live and work?

In my home studio in Chicago, IL

What is special to you about these spaces and how do they influence your work?

My studio is in my home, in my basement. I carved out a space that would allow me to be completely messy and not annoy anyone. When I work I need to be able to work without distractions or to worry about cleaning up. My studio is my creative zone where all of my essential tools are housed. I have to have space for my letterpresses, paper cutters, paper scraps, fabric scraps, good scissors (I have at least 10 pairs) photo studio, and my essential photo props. It is also very important to me that my space reflect my personality and brand. I feel if I surround myself with things that are beautiful and inspiring that it helps me create and focus. I also have to admit that because I create children's products I have to keep my things separate from my kids, they tend to steal "my toys." :) 

What is your maker story? 

I started my business wanting to create a little house that is a hands on activity for kids. I wanted to make a product that would engage little imaginations in the activity of crafting a home all their own. Having created my initial line of houses modeled after little houses all over the world I'd love to start expanding my brand into little room decor and also make some of the styles I haven't made yet! There are so many house types, including a farmhouse that has been on my drawing board for about a year. The moment I decided to start the business was when I went to my first local artisan market in Chicago and sold all of the houses I brought with me within in 10 minutes of the market starting. I knew at that moment I needed to make more and see where this road would take me.             

What is your favorite product that you sell?

My favorite product has to be my Primrose dollhouse but I am also super excited about the new Modern huset too. 

Where do you get inspiration from?

I am inspired by beautiful things. That sounds very vague but I love looking at beautiful design that you know was inspired by human interaction with it. I love riding my bike around my neighborhood and looking at the houses each one completely unique from the one next door. I love making up stories about what the people might be like who live in them and taking note of small details they add to make their house special. I am always inspired when I go into an antique store that has mid century furniture perfectly restored, it makes me want to create something as timeless and perfectly designed. I love seeing old things that are made new again. I am also in love with paper! I love the smell of freshly printed paper and ink when it is still a little bit wet to the touch. Lastly, color and color combinations inspire me, I have a wall in my house that I painted green and when I put a red chair next to it, it makes me happy.             

How does social media and GREAT.ly influence your work as a maker?

I don't know where I would be without social media but especially bloggers. They are shaping the way we as makers are exposed to new things and ideas and bringing our work to the masses. I think social medial in general challenges me to want to make my work as good as other people I see online. GREAT.ly is the link to these bloggers who are bringing new unique products to their readers. I heart GREAT.ly!

Thank you so much Alyson. I am so happy to stock your beautiful products in my Makelight GREAT.ly store. 

Lille Moderne - Lille City - Logan - Primrose

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