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Hello Makers - Sandra Dejanovic

Hello Makers - Happy French Gang

Hello! I'm super excited to introduce you to a new series here on Makelight, where each week I will be introducing you to a lovely maker from my GREAT.LY store

I always enjoy learning more about the people behind beautiful things, lovingly made, and I thought you might too. I also love to know about where they live and work too, so you'll be getting some little sneak peeks into their interiors. 

To start Hello Makers off, today I am introducing  you to the talented Sandra Dejanovic and her beautiful Happy French Gang products. 

Sandra Dejanovic Happy French Gang

Where do you live and work?

Hi! I live in San Francisco in front of the wonderful Dolores Park and on a street full of giant palms. I work from my home studio.

What is special to you about these spaces and how do they influence your work?

San Francisco is a beautiful and unique city and I feel very lucky to live in its heart. The good vibes, the vibrant colors everywhere, the people smiling, the sun, the sea, that mix of international people, all of that influences me and makes me feel like every day is a holiday!

What is your maker story?

After 6 years working as an engineer I left my job and moved from France in 2010. I really enjoyed spending time as a new stay-at-home mom but something was missing and I really wanted to create something with my hands. I like to say that I was born and raised in “fabric land”. My mom used to have her creation studio of lingerie at home. What I’m doing now is of course totally different from making lingerie but I think that’s probably why I felt comfortable taking the path of working with fabric. I found some awesome fabric and started dyeing and making things I would love to have in my home. After my first show I was reassured to seethat other people liked my work. That’s how I decided to grow my line of home décor.

What is your favorite product that you sell?

It’s hard to say because it changes all the time! I keep on testing and perfecting each prototype to bring a product to life; in that kind of process you always keen on the latest creation. So these days I’m found of that Dreamy Apple throw! The texture is so unpredictable! You just want to be wrapped into that throw!

That is my favourite too! Where do you get inspiration from?

Inspiration is a mystery that can come from anywhere: music, travels, magazines, family and friends… Often times the magic happens when I find and touch the fabric I love.

How does social media and GREAT.LY influence your work as a maker?

Working with social medias is a really important part of my job. It gives me exposure that is important to run my business. GREAT.LY gave me the opportunity to connect with bloggers and reach more potential clients! Which is always a good thing!

Thank you so much Sandra! I am so happy to be stocking your beautiful products in my Makelight Store. 

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