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Back to School


Wow, hello September! How did you get here already? I seriously cannot believe my little ones go back to school this week. I could do with at least another two weeks of Summer holidays please. I am so sad that they have to go back but I am also super excited about the fresh start, back to school feeling that I always get at the beginning of September. 

I feel like I have a clean slate to begin again, a chance to get myself organised, make changes, do some new things, make new plans and get ready for the change of seasons. 

I have just come out of a really intense period of work and life, and have managed to take some time off in August to reflect on how to manage the next few months of hard work. I have got so used to feeling exhausted, stressed and pretty beaten up by life, that I've forgotten that I don't have to feel like this all the time! I have so much good, happy stuff going on that I want to get myself into a position where exhausted isn't the norm and to feel whole lot more balanced, more me and to have a little spring in my step again. 

Earlier this year I finally organised some childcare after managing without any for quite a while - apart from our once a month child-free weekend - and now that I've tested out what works for me and for the children, I feel like I've arranged the amount of childcare that I need in order to fit in all my work, while also making sure I have quality time with my children. It's never an easy thing to make work and life balance but I think I've found my happy place in all of this for where we are all at this year. Fingers crossed! I will report back. 

In addition the the childcare, I am making sure that I am eating well, exercising regularly, continuing to clear the clutter at home, booking in time with friends, time with my husband, time for just me, family adventures and getting enough sleep. Sleep is something I forget to take care of far too often, mainly due to wanting to do all the things, but I know how much better I feel when I get a good amount. My children are generally all sleeping through the night now, so I need to celebrate this and actually sleep myself too! 

I'm all sorts of excited for this fresh feeling and I can't wait to get stuck into September! 

Have you made plans for September? Have you got that Back to School feeing too? I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to go! 

PS If you do have that Back to School feeling, you might want to join one of my Autumn workshops...there is an online one too for wherever you are in the World! x





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