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Yipppeee....It's August!

San Francisco

If you've been following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook during July you will know just how insane my month has just been. It all started with running a stall and taking the photographs at the school Summer fair with four children in tow, while my husband was abroad for a long weekend of Summer adventure. Then there came helping with a launch party for Great.ly, parents' evenings, a change over of childminders, a nine day trip to the West Coast of America for my book (without my family - a huge, emotional thing for me to do), coming back for just over a week to do all that the end of the school year entails (if you're not a parent...there's loads of stuff crammed into three days all with a slight variation for each child!) and move house... and then on the day we moved in I flew to the Netherlands for more work on my book. And breathe...

Portland, Oregon

I am feeling exhausted, rather emotional but also pretty powerful. If I can get through all of that in just over four weeks, imagine what I can do with the rest of 2014! 

West Coast USA

A big thank you to all of you who cheered me on, helped me when I was away from home (big waves to all my new and old friends in the US and Holland!), helped me when I was at home (big waves to amazing friends, neighbours and family) and to my husband and children for keeping me happy, grounded and very loved. 

The Netherlands

Here's to a calmer August. I will certainly be slowing down a little, enjoying the school holidays and settling into our new home.

I will also be taking part in Susannah Conway's inspiring August Break, which always helps me to slow down, refocus and take a bit of time out each day for something creative. 

I hope you have a beautiful August! xox

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