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Hello! I am writing this from my hotel room in San Francisco. I am here to work on my book for the next week and will also be travelling to Portland, which has been near the top of my wish list of places to travel for so long. 

The last time I was in San Francisco was ten years ago. The evening before I flew out here I met up for a drink with a friend and he gave me a mixtape that he'd made for me for the journey. I may have already been a bit in love with this guy but on the long flight that followed the next day I listened to the music on repeat and by the end of the flight he'd stolen my heart. 

When I arrived in San Francisco my good friend from university met me at the airport and I told him all about the mixtape and the guy. We got back to his apartment, put on the music and he said, "Oh wow, this is a very serious mixtape. I think you're going to marry this guy!" 

Ten years later I am here again, the mixtape guy is now my husband and as I had to sadly leave him and our amazing kids at home, he filled my iPhone with plenty of music for my travels. And I spent the flight falling in love all over again.

Thank you Stef for making it possible for me to be here and to follow my dream of writing a book....and of course for all the tunes! xox

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I will be travelling with my new camera, this cute little Fuji X-M1. Can't wait to share my thoughts about it and some images from it soon. 

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