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Guest Post - Capture by Lucy

Capture by Lucy

Today I have the wonderful pleasure of welcoming Lucy from Capture by Lucy to Makelight for a special guest post. While I am busy working in Portland, Oregon Lucy is here to share her love of capturing flowers for Instagram. 

Painting Instagram with Flowers

I have been a long term fan of Emily’s blog and love getting lost in her dreamy floral photography. When we had the chance to sit down together and properly chat at Blogtacular I realised we have a special connection. A love of using flowers and creative composition for simply no other reason than because it makes you feel happy.

There is nothing I like more than playing with flowers. Fresh flowers in the house is my luxury item and I’m more than happy to forgo a gym membership for a free run around the village to keep me in pretty blooms every month!

When we sit down to eat as a family the table is laid, with flowers and plants as our centrepiece. Sometimes a few stems from the garden or the children’s tomato plant takes centre stage and other times the table is bursting with flowers after a party or occasion. And even the plainest, routine family dinner feels more special.

I love the #floralfridaycompetition community that Emily has founded and every week I join in, I find more intriguing and like minded people to follow and engage with. Beautiful galleries from creative romantics that brightens even the greyest wet day.

I often say that florals are a great way to practise your creative photography. The possibilities are endless. You can capture something formal, something whimsical and each photo is unique. 

Fill the frame.jpg

We could all photograph the same arrangement but we’d all see something different.

Filling the frame is one of my favourite ways to capture detail and has such impact when scrolling through your Instagram feed. I love the bursts of colour that encompass the entire screen.

Creative compostion 2.jpg

The best thing you can do to be inspired is to admire. Admire, be appreciative, tell people how much you love how they have made you feel.

I adore the spirit of the #floralfridaycompetition community, kind comments, sweet words and encouragement. 

It just makes everyone have a better day. So make a space in your day to play with flowers and snap it. Snip something in the garden, colourful or green and create your own vignette and share it.

Creative composition.jpg

Thank you for having me Emily! I am sure I am like everyone else reading this blog - dying to know what Emily has in store for us with her new book. Happy travels Makelight!

I hope you will all join in Floral Friday this week over on Instagram! 

Lucy blogs at capturebylucy.com and you can find her Instagram feed here

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