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Urban Jungle Bloggers : Creative Plant Pots

Boskke plant pot

This month's topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers is Creative Plant Pots : how to dress up your plants. When I spotted this brilliant pot at Grow London last week I knew straight away that I would be featuring it in this post. 

Boskke plant pot

The Boskke Cube is designed for you to place your plant in the middle and then fill the cube with water. The plant takes up the water and the Slo-Flo watering system lets water feed up into the soil as the plant requires it. The cube can take enough water for you to only need to water your plant once a month. Perfect for busy people, forgetful people or when going on holiday! 

Summer 77.jpg

I love this one for three plants too. I think the clear, contemporary design of the Boskke products is so inspiring and they have a calming quality too. 

GrowLondon 4.jpg

I was also really attracted to the Sky Planters, also made by Boskke and high on my wish list for my new house! 

Boskke sky planters

I really like the pink ones and these pretty bird ones. So clever and beautiful! 

{Images: Boskke}

At Grow London I also fell in love with this adorable little vintage tea cup filled with a sweet mini orchid. A totally different style to my Boskke cube but my home is ever eclectic! 

mini orchid in vintage tea cup

The sweet orchid is from Burford Garden Centre, which is now high on my list of places to visit! Their stand was so inspiring. 

GrowLondon 13.jpg

I hope that has given you some planting inspiration for your urban jungle! x

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