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Grow London - The contemporary garden fair

Grow London

Today I went to Grow London, a new contemporary garden fair in Hampstead. I was lucky enough to win tickets from the very lovely beefayre and I am so happy that I made time to go. 

I will be sharing my favourite finds with you over the next couple of weeks but as the show is on over the weekend, I wanted to pop in and share some images with you to encourage you to make a trip there if you can. 

I am not a big fan of this type of fair. They are usually in big venues with nasty lighting and they make me feel a bit anxious and eager to leave. Grow London was different and had such a lovely atmosphere and calming lighting, that I could have easily stayed all day. 

All my Urban Jungle Bloggers friends would have loved it! 

Have fun if you go along and have a beautiful weekend everyone! x

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