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It's the Little Things : May

It's the Little Things

Every day I record the Little Things that make me smile. Some days and weeks can whizz by in a haze of being super busy and this is the thing I do to make sure that at the end of each day, week and month, I can look back and see all the good stuff, all the happy moments no matter how tired, stressed, and overloaded I may sometimes feel. 

May was a great month. We went to Brighton, I had friends to stay and we went to Blogtacular, there were long Bank Holiday weekends (two of them!), we had a city break together without our little ones, there was some sunshine, there were plenty of Peonies and the best little (well BIG) thing to happen in May, is that little Rudi took her first steps. She is walking more and more each day but only a few steps at a time. Mainly because every time she does it she giggles so much, she loses concentration and falls over! 

Here are some of my favourite little things: 

I hope you had a lovely May and have some happy things to look forward to in June. 

Welcome June

I am hoping for a month of sunshine, more peonies, family time, book writing time, time with friends, blue skies and plenty of dancing in the kitchen! xox 

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