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Feeling complete and content

My beautiful family by  Little Star Photography

My beautiful family by Little Star Photography

At the beginning of this year I chose content as my word for the year. I have so much to be content about and I know how very lucky I am but I often find myself reaching out for more and looking to the future for happiness and contentment. It's a wonderful thing to always be striving, to be working hard for things, to be looking forward but it's also good to be able to be in the present moment and say with all your heart that right here, right now you are truly content. 

For the past few years we have been busy growing our precious family and every two years a new little member of the family has been born. When little Rudi was born I knew that she was going to be our last baby. I felt really happy knowing that but I also feared that later on I might have to fight broody feelings. The time I was most worried about was right about now, as this would be the time that we would be planning and trying for the next 'two year gap' baby. I thought I would feel unsettled, I thought that I would have to battle with myself and I thought I'd be pretty grumpy. 

But, I don't feel any of those things. I feel so comfortable, content, happy and complete as a mother and a family. It is the most wonderful feeling and I just keep smiling about it. We have plenty of crazy stuff going on in our working lives. We are still working towards finally owning our own home. And we both work way more than we would ideally like to. But, there is one thing that is complete and amazing, and that is our family of six. 

Each day I am determined to remember how beautiful this is. I am going to be in the moment, to soak up these beautiful feelings of contentment and breathe in all the happiness. 

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