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Welcome to Makelight

Makelight Home Made Photography

Hello and welcome to Makelight, the new name for The Startup Wife! 

It has been the time for a change for a while and we finally found a moment to sit down and start the rebrand last night. There will be a few more changes coming but it feels so good to have my new name and logo up already. 

When I started The Startup Wife at the beginning of 2012 I was in a very different place. We were living outside of London in a small town. My husband commuted into London every day to his startup. He worked crazy hours plus all the necessary networking after work. I felt pretty cut off and lonely. My blog gave me a place to share and connect with people. And most importantly it provided me with a catalyst to reinvent myself from a professional wedding photographer to a blogger/photographer/maker. 

When I started this blog I had a dream of where I would love it to take me and now I am living that dream. As a result, it no longer feels right to be writing as The Startup Wife. I am not just Stef's wife but I have so much going on in my own right. This blog is now about so much more than our startup life and family life, although I will still write about those things. Makelight is about photography, making, creating, interiors and places and things I love. 

Welcome to Makelight, home made photography, I hope you will be back again soon! 

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