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The Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival

This Summer we are going to be ticking off 'take the children to a festival' of our wish list and in August we will all be heading to The Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. 

Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival is packed full of music, dancing, banquets, theatre, outdoor pursuits and plenty of family fun. I always love live music and plenty of dancing but I am also very excited about wild swimming in the lake! 

Wilderness Festival

The children's programme looks full of fun and magic, with the Roald Dahl Museum, Angel Gardens and more. Then there is horse riding, den building, yoga with all the family and even a spa! 

Wilderness Festival

We will be sharing our Wilderness Festival adventures on Instagram and Twitter during the festival and on here when we get back home. But if you would like to be at the festival too then book your tickets soon.

A big thank you to the Wilderness Festival for our tickets. Let the Summer adventures begin! 

All images: The Wilderness Festival

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