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Take time to be together

London Weekend

People regularly ask me how I manage to do all that I do with four children, so I thought I would start a new little series and share a few things that help me along the way. I'm not sure I really know how I do it and I sometimes feel like I am really not doing any of it very well at all. But I think that sharing the things that help me with you will be good for me too and may mean that I remember to do more of the good, positive, useful things, especially when life goes all a bit crazy. 

I am starting this week feeling refreshed, calm, happy and full of love. It is a beautiful place to be and just what I need after working incredibly hard for the past few weeks. It would be pretty amazing if every week started like this and perhaps that's something I need to aim for but for now I am just super happy that it was one of those good weekends that will stay with me for a long time. 

Once a month my husband and I have a weekend for ourselves without our children. It is something of an indulgence but also something that keeps us happy, sane, balanced and the cute couple we are. Unfortunately work tends to take priority during these weekends because we know we can get loads done without the little ones being there, and we can work into the night without the fear of the 6am wake up! But at least twice a year we make sure that we have a weekend away, like a mini holiday. 

This weekend we had a city break in our own city. I absolutely love doing that. We got to hang out with friends, go to a party (thank you to the 3beards, for making that an awesome one!), eat lovely food, stay in one of our favourite hotels, visit a museum (you must go to the Paul Smith exhibition if you can - so inspiring for living/working a creative life), walk along the river, talk for hours and just be us. 

I highly recommend weekends like this even if you don't have children. When you work crazy hours and are both juggling so many things, weekends like this keep you connected to yourselves and to each other. And they give you that precious time to be just the two of you. Pop one in the diary now! x



The Wilderness Festival

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