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A head full of inspiration & a heart full of friendship


Last weekend I attended the first Blogtacular conference in London, a conference for creative bloggers. I have been looking forward to this conference ever since it was announced last year. I knew it would be full of inspiration and it would also be a time to connect with friends and hopefully make some new ones too. 

The thing I was most looking forward to at the conference (apart from the jam from the Hambledon!) was hearing Joy Cho speak on the Friday evening. I have enjoyed reading Joy's blog, Oh Joy!, for a long time and love her sense of style, colour and fun. Plus, she is clearly a smart business woman. Her talk was all that I hoped it would be and more. It inspired me a lot and I saw so much of me in the things that she spoke about. Sometimes, that can be the stuff that inspires me the most, like an affirmation that I am doing the right thing, that I can continue to do this stuff and, most importantly, make it work. Thank you Joy! x

The thing that surprised me the most was hearing  Anne Ditmeyer speak on Saturday morning. I didn't really know Anne's work until Blogtacular but wow...her talk was was just brilliant and has made me want to take all her Skillshare classes, escape to Paris for one of her tours and read her blog for hours! 

Anne inspired us with things like,

"Bloggers are awesome. If they don't know how to do something, they'll learn it!" 

"Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, accountants don't work for free so why should you?" 

"Share, share, reshare, share, share, reshare. Share (support each other and great work)." 

I left Anne's talk feeling full of power, self-confidence and belief. She is one amazing woman! Thank you Anne! x 

So with my head full of inspiration and confidence, I just needed to top up my heart with some friendship! I have written before about community and friendships made through blogging but every time I meet up with my blogger friends and make new ones, I remember just how amazing this community really is. 

For me, this is where the biggest amount of inspiration comes from. Conferences are great at brining great speakers in to stand up and talk to you. They are great at teaching you new things. But what they are really, really great for is bringing the people together in one space for a day or two. 

Friends that really get you, friends that will inspire you, friends that will help you, friends that will introduce you to new things, people and places, friends that you can plan new adventures with and friends that will support you. 

So, now my head is full of inspiration and my heart is full of friendship and happy memories. And, with my head and my heart I am now busy planning all sorts of wonderful things for the future! 

Thank you Kat and Kat for making Blogtacular happen. Thank you Yvonne and Bridgee for being the sweetest house guests. Thank you Allison for being brave and coming to London. Thank you Geraldine for being the best team mate in social event planning. And thank you to all of you who said hello, came to the Postacular meal at Cha Cha Moon and all who stood up, talked and inspired. See you next time! x

{PS the goodie bag was all sorts of awesome!}



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