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A First Birthday Letter to Rudi

First birthday

Each year on their birthdays I write a letter to my children. One day I plan to put them altogether in a special book for them, so they look back and remember all these precious little things about their childhood. 

First birthday

Yesterday little Rudi turned one. Such a special day for our family and we had a beautiful day together, just the six of us. Those are always my favourite days. 

First birthday

Here is my birthday letter to my precious Rudi. 

To my dear Rudi,

Wow, today you are one! It feels like yesterday that you arrived into the world on the most beautiful Spring day and filled my heart with so much love and joy. Our fourth little baby, making our family complete but little did we know on that day just how much happiness you were about to bring into our home.

From that very first day you have been the happiest baby I have ever known, so full of smiles from those early weeks. Your big sister and brothers adore you and it is so special for me to see how kind and sweet they are to you. How much they all love and care for you. You are so very lucky! 

I have loved watching you grow over the past year and seeing your personality develop. You may be happy and relaxed but there is certainly plenty of strength and feistiness in there too. And that's just how I like it to be! 

Over the past few weeks you have really begin to change from little baby Rudi into little girl Rudi. You love pointing to your head, dancing, shaking your head, copying sounds, playing boo, trying to put your little shoes on and your favourite new trick...crawling round and round in circles and giggling! I don't think it will be long until you are walking and then those sweet first words will start to follow. 

But my lovely, precious Rudi, there is no rush. This next year will be so full of new things, new adventures and new understandings, that there really is no need to hurry. Take each moment at a time and enjoy it. Your brothers and sister will wait for you. 

Sweet Rudi, keep smiling, keep laughing, keep happy. You are the very special fourth baby we didn't ever know if we'd be lucky enough to have and we all love you so, so much. I am super excited to be about to spend another year with you. 

Lots and lots of love and hugs today and always

from Mummy xxxxx

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