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It's the Little Things : April

It's the Little Things

Everyday I like to capture the Little Things that make me smile. I have had a bit of a crazy month and a particularly insane week but sitting here this morning and picking my favourite little things from April has really lifted my spirits and re-engergised me. 

I have been deep in book research, which I am now pleased to say had reached a happy place and I should be able to start planning the next part very soon. 

April was also full of a birthday, days with friends, workshops, lots of lovely books (books, books!), some Urban Jungle Blogging and a little time for me. 

And all these sweet little things: 

And, now the lovely month of May has started. I do love May, and not just for those happy bank holidays, but also because it's so pretty and light. My month ahead is certainly looking busy but I know it will be full of sweet Little Things too. 

Happy May! x

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