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Just me

A little selfie at  Walnuts Farm ! 

A little selfie at Walnuts Farm

For the past few days my family have all been away and I've been having lots of time on my own. Just me. When you live in a family of six you don't get much time when it's just you. But once in a while it's a good thing to have.

I have taken the time to get lots of work done, to get some house stuff done, to sleep without disruption and to take a step back from everything and have a good think. 

I have missed my family like crazy and I can't wait for them all to be home. I can't wait for all the chatter, the laughter, the hugs...and even (perhaps!) the chaos! And I am really looking forward to the Easter weekend, when we can all take some time off together to have fun as a family. 

pink tulips and hyacinths

But it has been so good to have this time out. I've done so much but I've made the most of the headspace and quiet to think. I have got some big months coming up. I will be off to America and Europe to work on my book and when I'm not busy travelling I will be writing it. These next few months are going to fly by in a flash and I need to make sure I'm ready. 

I'm pretty good at working hard and I've learnt to juggle hard work with having a family pretty well too. But sometimes I can loose myself in the mix and then the hard work, being the mother I enjoy being and keeping it altogether at home can become a bit too much to handle. 

pink hyacinth and tulips

So, I'm writing little notes to myself, so that I remember to take care of myself. I'm booking in time for me, for Stef and me together and for all of us as a family. This Summer is going to be one amazing ride and definitely one I want to enjoy, savour and take enough moments to breathe it all in. 

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