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The day I dropped the wrong ball


My week hadn't been going so well but when I finally felt a little more on top of it (mainly thanks to some Lemsip and my littlest one finally having a nap) I realised I had dropped a huge ball and most definitely the wrong one to be dropping.

As I walked into the playground to collect my little girl, she ran towards me dressed in her assembly outfit and clutching a bag of school uniform. The assembly! I had completely forgotten all about it and my sweet little girl was quite rightly in floods of tears. 

I scooped her up into the biggest cuddle and somehow stopped myself from joining her in floods of tears in the playground. I saved those for later. I just couldn't believe I'd missed it. I don't miss things like this. I have all of this stuff in the diary and not even a diary I have to look at, a diary that beeps at me. Why was this not in the diary? I had packed the costume, I had helped her learn her lines but somehow in the craziness of my life I had forgotten the crucial part of writing it in the diary to make sure I actually got to it. 

How long will she hold this against me? Is this going to be one of those times she remembers forever more? Have I damaged her self-esteem? Everything was spinning in my head and I nearly forgot to get to the next playground to pick up my little boy! 

She was understandably sad and a bit reserved that evening but before bed we talked about it again and I apologised once more. But that evening I was so, so sad about it all. What could I do to make it up to her? 

But the next morning she came into my room and when I started apologising again, she said "oh don't worry Mummy, I've forgotten all about it. It's World Book day today, come and see my costume!' And just like that it was over, forgiven, forgotten. I have so much love for this little girl, I can't tell you! I adore that she copied my words from when she has misbehaved and apologised. When she starts to say sorry once again or get upset, I just say "I don't know what you're talking about, I've forgotten all about it." 

I can't imagine I'm ever going to miss another assembly! But I am going to keep a close check on ensuring I don't have quite so many balls to juggle at once. School stuff is always one that's hard to factor in. Suddenly you need all the costumes, trip forms, sponsorship money, cardboard boxes at once and if you haven't left any space in your diary for 'random stuff that school might ask for this week' then you can get stuck. I didn't ever realise being a parent of school children would involve quite so many things. 

Is it the holidays yet?!

Have you ever dropped the wrong ball? Not that any ball is the right ball to drop but you know what I mean. Some are (or feel like they are) way more serious than others. This one was, without a doubt, a big one. 



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