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Eleven months with Baby Rudi

rudi11month 1.jpg

Last week little Rudi turned 11 months old. Wowzers! Nearly a whole year with Rudi. And what a beautiful, joyful, happy, smiley and lovely 11 months it has been. She continues to be the happiest baby in the world, even when she's tired or can't have/do what she wants, it doesn't take long before she's smiling again. 

rudi11month 2.jpg

It was quite a challenge to take these monthly photos this time. Even a little biscuit wouldn't keep her still for more than a few seconds. No, no, little Rudi is far too busy investigating the world to stop for a moment to take Mummy's cloud blanket photos! And I really wouldn't have it any other way. This little girl loves life and it's a complete joy to see. 

rudi11month 3.jpg

She is really chatty too and has more and more sounds each week. I simply cannot wait for her to start talking later this year and of course toddling around too. She already has her three siblings wrapped around her little finger, they won't be able to get enough of her first steps and first words! She's one lucky little girl. 

rudi11month 6.jpg

And oh so busy! 

rudi11month 7.jpg
rudi11month 4.jpg
rudi11month 5.jpg

We love you little Rudi! Enjoy you last month of being 0, while we get ready for some cute 1st birthday celebrations! 

rudi11month 8.jpg

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