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What should I share with my readers? How much should I share? What do I feel comfortable with? These are all questions that all bloggers have, and they are always things that my students ask during my workshops. I have often thought about these questions myself and been very comfortable about how much I share. I have always been very open about the highs and lows of my life and I have always felt happy about it. 

However, this week someone commented on one of my Instagram images that my images were always so cheerful and happy but my recent blog posts were sad. She didn't mean it as a criticism (and she sweetly apologised) but it felt like she was suggesting that my cheerful images were a lie. I got quite defensive about it and I did get upset but it was really useful to take a step back and think about it all again. 

I felt like I had to justify what I share where and how I share different parts of my life. But  I have realised that as long as I am happy with what I am sharing and how I am sharing that on my blog and social media platforms then it is all ok. Although I want my readers and followers to like and appreciate what I do, I have to be completely happy with it myself. Sometimes I get asked to do something that doesn't quite sit right with me. Sometimes I say yes to these things and then regret it. But the more I grow as a blogger, the more I am trust how I feel and what I do and don't want to write about and photograph. 

Here on my blog I openly share the good times and the hard times. I couldn't really write about startup life, and juggling that with family life, if I only wrote about the happy stuff. I would actually look quite ridiculous to anyone who knows anything about startup life! But at the same time I am a positive, happy, optimistic, driven person, so I like to throw plenty of good time stuff into the mix too. I love to inspire people. I love to share some of the tips which help me to juggle motherhood, my own work and supporting my husband in his startup adventures. When I share stories and photographs of my children I think carefully about which images to use and I always check they are happy with the ones I have chosen. Obviously Rudi and Max aren't old enough to understand about it but I make sure that I'm not posting anything that could come up as a joke (or worse) in later life. 

My Twitter stream is a mini version of this. I've always been very honest on my Twitter stream. Looking back I've been a little too honest at times but I think this honesty means that my followers trust me. If I only tweeted the happy stuff people would probably think I was either lying, a bit of a fake or incredibly annoying! I had four children in 6 years - incredibly amazing and equally incredibly mad. And we have combined that with startup life (for both of us....multiple times). So many of my wonderful Twitter followers and blog readers have helped me through some really tricky times and cheered me on during the great times. For me, the balance I have on Twitter really works.

Instagram selection

But my Instagram stream is not my Twitter stream. Instagram is my happy, positive space. It is a place for my creativity. It is a place to record all the precious little things that make me smile...even on a bad day. It is a place to escape to when everything around me is in chaos. Can you imagine how messy my home gets, especially at busy work times? I don't deal so well with mess but right now with a 7, 5, 3 and almost 1 year old, it's part of life. My shed and my Instagram stream are two places I can escape to. So, yes I may post pretty pink blossom on Instagram on the same day that I write about being utterly burnt out because that pretty pink blossom was the joy that lifted me on the walk to school, it was a moment of beauty and peace in amongst the craziness. And by sharing that I am sharing that moment of prettiness with lots of people and creating some positive space for them. And when I can't photograph anything because it's dark or I am trapped under a sleeping child then I reach for my other inspiring, calm, happy and positive space...my Pinterest boards! 

Do you share different things in different places? I hope my little ramblings might help you to think about all this sharing stuff! x

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