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The Makers - Monkey & Mole

monkey & mole moccasins

Today I would like to welcome my gorgeous new sponsor, Monkey & Mole, who make these adorable moccasins for little feet. 

monkey & mole moccasins

The lovely Chrissy who is the talented designer and maker of Monkey and Mole moccasins sent little Rudi a beautiful, bright yellow pair and we have both fallen in love with them. The packaging is so sweet. 

monkey & mole moccasins

The moccasins are super soft and cosy. They go on easily and the most important thing for me is that they stay on. Rudi enjoys having them on and they have a good grip, so she doesn't slip on our wooden floors. 

monkey & mole moccasins

I asked Chrissy how Monkey & Mole started and she explained,

"Esme (Chrissy's little girl) was around 10-11 months and wanting to walk, so almost a year and a half ago now. At that time there were no UK brands so I decided to start working on my own moccasin designs. I had a particularly bad year last year suffering 2 miscarriages and it really made a difference to have something positive to focus on, it felt like I'd achieved something, I put my heart and soul into creating and perfecting designs and it felt good to end the year in a much better place than it started."

What a beautiful thing to come out of a very difficult time. I love it when creativity can help people get through hard times. 

Where did the sweet name Monkey & Mole come from?

"The name Monkey & Mole comes from Esme's favourite stuffed toys."


monkey & mole moccasins

What is next for Monkey & Mole?

"I'll be launching sheepskin lined boot in the Autumn they are currently being tested by various little feet. I'm also planning a few other projects too."

Oooo....we will look forward to those! 

Monkey & Mole moccasins come in a range of gorgeous colours and styles. Readers of the Startup Wife can get a 25% discount on all classic and street style moccasins (not sandals) with the code: welcomespring.

monkey & mole moccasins

A big thank you to Monkey and Mole for sponsoring The Startup Wife. xxx

You can say hello to Monkey and Mole on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram.

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