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Ten Months with Baby Rudi

BabyRudi 28.jpg

On Thursday little Rudi turned 10 months. Wow! With every week that passes Rudi moves closer towards being a little toddler and her little baby days are slipping away. This past month she's grown her first tooth, stopped breastfeeding (her own choice) and become very sure about what she wants to do...or more to the point what she doesn't want to do. This little girl is the happiest, smiliest baby I've ever met but she combines this with the strongest of wills. Oh little Rudi I think you've worked out that in a family of six you're going to need to stand up for yourself! 

BabyRudi 6.jpg

I didn't get many number 10 vest images this month as Rudi had other ideas! 

BabyRudi 8.jpg
BabyRudi 9.jpg
BabyRudi 13.jpg

Oh little Rudi you are the sweetest and you fill all my days with smiles and joy. Did I write that last month and the month before? I'll be saying it forever sweetie! And so will your siblings. They tell you they love you all day every day, particularly little Max. You two are becoming quite the little team. As long as you don't touch the Power Rangers or the TV remote! 

BabyRudi 29.jpg
BabyRudi 18.jpg

Ten months of love, smiles, snuggles, giggles and cuddles. Super cool little Rudi Roo, we love you! xxx

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