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Heal's New Fabric Collection

HealsFabrics 26.jpg

I was super excited when Heal's told me about their new fabric collection and even more so when they said they were sending me some samples. I knew it would be all be beautiful and I wasn't wrong. 

HealsFabrics 5.jpg

The fabrics are all original, modern designs by amazing textile designers like Zandra Rhodes, Diana Bloomfield and Malika Favre. 

HealsFabrics 18.jpg

As Imogen came with me to the workshop at Heal's last weekend I thought it was only fair to let Oren make something with the fabric. He asked if we could make 'lavender pillows' as he likes to call them. He'd watched me make some for Christmas gifts last year and really wanted to have a go at using my sewing machine as well as scooping the lavender in. 

HealsFabrics 21.jpg

Lavender cushions (or pillows) are such a sweet and easy craft to make with children and these ones are extra pretty because of the beautiful fabric. 

He did so well with using the sewing machine (with plenty of help and guidance from me, of course!) and also loved it when I did the sewing and he pressed the foot pedal. So cute! 

HealsFabrics 27.jpg

Now our bedrooms smell lovely. I also used some of the blue fabric by Cressida Bell to fill a little hoop to hang in my shed. 

HealsFabrics 17.jpg

I am looking forward to buying some larger pieces of the Heal's fabrics to make some cushions and other treats soon. I particularly love these two. 

Heal's new fabric collection launches in March. Enjoy! x

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