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Dear Max, a 3rd birthday letter

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My little boy Max turned 3 yesterday. He is the most adorable, gorgeous little guy ever and here is his birthday letter. 

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To my darling Max, 

Wow, today you are 3! Such a magical number and one which launches you from toddler days into being a really big boy. So big, in fact, that you are proudly telling everyone that you are "actually ten". 

Oh how we all love you. You are a big ball of happiness and it just glows out of you every day. "How are you Maxy?" "Happy!" is how you reply 99% of the time, in the brightest of voices that cannot help but make everyone smile. You are adorably chilled out and bounce back from any little tantrums in record time. You amaze me every single day. I have a theory that when you are older you will say, "Mum, don't worry, just chill out" a lot! 

You give out hugs and kisses, and say "I love you" hundreds of times a day. It is just beautiful. Your little sister Rudi thinks you're the best and you love her so much. And you adore your big sister Imogen who you have called Mimi for the past year. That is slowly fading away now and you're calling her Imi but it's been very cute! You love your brother Oren too but that relationship is still working itself out a little bit. It will come though. I can see the beginnings of a life-long friendship between the two of you and it's beautiful. I'll be patient and wait for it to blossom. 

This year Imogen and Oren are at school all day and you really, really love your time with Rudi and me, especially the parts when she is sleeping and it's just you and me. I love those times too. It's helped me to really get to know you more, to repeatedly fall in love with you day after day and to be filled with happiness. I hope that's how you feel too! 

You love popping out to the shops and all the shopkeepers adore you. You are quite a little personality. When you get excited you do a little dance, which they love (and so do I) and you are always so sweet and polite. You are always getting given treats, stickers and other goodies as we go about our errands. It really makes me smile. 

You are a little bit torn between wanting to be big and wanting to stay little. There's no rush Maxy, you have plenty of years to be big, take it one step at a time and keep on enjoying every day. This year's going to be a good one. Being 3 (or 10!) is really special. 

You are obsessed with Power Rangers, Superman, Spiderman and all other superheroes. You are my superhero and I love you so much! 

Love and so many hugs today and forever,

Mummy xxx

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