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Wow! Last week was so crazy. I was just so very busy and tired and then stressed by it all. I started the week pretty exhausted and then cried when I looked at everything I needed to fit into it. I wrote a big list and tried to move anything that didn't have to be done that week. I managed to (sadly) cancel dinner out with a friend and that was about it. 

I was running on empty. When you have four young children, running on empty is a really hard thing to do. But there was no time for extra sleep or rest because an already busy week had become even busier. My head felt like it was going to explode and I couldn't think straight. This meant that all the quick, easy things I had to do took longer than they should and then I fell even more behind. 

I got cross with myself for saying yes to too many things, that I then couldn't get out of. I got cross with myself for thinking I could do all the things. Had I not learnt anything? 

But when I finally stopped yesterday and could actually think straight I realised that I have in fact learnt a lot and I had been looking after myself through the week more than I thought I had. Although the week felt insane there was actually a lot of good stuff in the mix. The problem lay in the fact that I had slightly overpacked the week and then a few more things were added that tipped the balance from 'this is a busy week but I can manage it' to feeling like 'aahhhh...I need to be awake for 24 hours a day to get all this done'. 

In my busy week I still managed to fit in some exercise, to see some friends, to take my daily photographs, to bake some cakes, to flick through a couple of magazines and a favourite book and to play with my children. All these things keep me grounded, happy and energised. 

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All week I had been worrying about teaching on Saturday because I was feeling so tired but somehow through making sure that some time each day - however short - was given to these things that keep me smiling, I had managed to recharge myself and not get completely lost in the madness of the week. 

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Teaching my workshops always makes me happy and feel so alive.. I love sharing, teaching and inspiring others. And, my students always inspire me too. This weekend's workshop was just so lovely and I came home, totally exhausted after the week and a full day of teaching but I smiling from ear to ear too. 

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I don't want to have a crazy week like that again for a long time and I will be keeping a very close eye on my diary to do my best to avoid it happening again. I will be doing my best to really think before I say yes to things (I've come quite far with that but wow I have a way to go...!) but I will also be really making sure that I keep up the things that I know keep me happy, relaxed, grounded and sane, however busy I am. 

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This week is half-term, so I'm indulging my children and myself with treats, time off and as much pottering time as I can squeeze in. It's a much needed recharge week. Yippeee! 

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What do you like to do to recharge lovely people? I hope you have a happy week this week! x

{All these images were taken with my iPhone and shared on my Instagram stream}

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