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Floral Friday Competition

FloralNovember 13.jpg

The weekly Floral Friday competition I run on Instagram has been going for over 18 months now and I really adore the global community that has built up around it. I love seeing all the images come through every Friday with all the seasons and colours. It is a complete joy. 

However, I have been feeling the need to take a bit of a break from it and have been totally overwhelmed by the number of people I now owe prizes too. All the prizes are sitting patiently by my desk for me to have a moment to package them up and send them out but as regularly readers will know this year has been particularly crazy for me, so they are still sitting there. They will get wrapped up and sent out before Christmas I promise you and myself that! And I have also been feeling that I haven’t been able to comment on as many images I would like to every Friday. Plus I also want to take some time off in December to be with my family.

At first I thought I would take December off and return in January but then more prettiness arrived last Friday and I just love it too much to do that. So, instead I’ve decided to change how I run it from now on. 

I will choose one very favourite image each week to share on my blog plus four favourites to share on Instagram and for now I will stop offering a prize. I might think about choosing a monthly favourite but let’s just see how it goes for now. 

I really hope that you will still enjoy taking part and understand why I need to make these changes. 

I have two week’s to catch up on today and I have chosen a Winter image above by @handsandhustle (Hands and Hustle), which I just love. The yellow and the snow are such a striking combination. 

And in contrast, these amazing Peonies from @pinkblossomtree (Pink Blossom Tree). Oh how I miss Peonies and it is such a joy to see them in my Instagram stream!  

I hope you love these two gorgeous, contrasting images and that you are ready to play along on Instagram tomorrow. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that you'll all still be in and understand why I need to change things up a little! xo

{Floral Friday is a weekly competition played on Instagram, where people share their floral images with the tag #floralfridaycompetition}.

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