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Hello lovely readers! I feel like it's been far too long since I had time to really sit down and write here and I've missed it so much. 

I've had a wonderful reason to not be writing here...I've been beavering away writing my first book, which I'm super excited to say that is very closed to being signed off and sent to print. I have the finished manuscript next to me on my desk right now. Oh wow! A real dream come true. 

I finished my writing last week and since then I've been doing a mixture of collapsing in a heap and rushing around trying to catch up with all those balls I dropped in the final few weeks. Huge apologies if you're waiting to hear from me about something. I will be with you soon! 

When I stopped writing I had absolutely no idea how completely exhausted I was. It wasn't just the huge task of keeping going and finishing a big task but it was doing it while also being a mother to four young children. This week I've been mainly being a mother to four young children and I've realised how tiring just that part of my life is! So, I feel really proud of myself for juggling everything this year and making one of my big life dreams a reality. 

Between now and Christmas I have some time to slow down a little, to indulge my family with plenty of Christmas crafts, baking and excitement, and to just be for a while. Part of me wants to dive straight back into blogging, to filling my social media streams with festive inspiration and joy and to plan my Makelight 2015. But I'm going to try to be kind to myself and only do what I can manage each day without it creeping into family time or the time I really need for myself and owe to myself after all the hard work I've done this year. 

I guess I feel I need to reconnect with myself, so that I am ready to face 2015 with a smile, a tonne of energy and a positive attitude. It's going to be another great year I know it but I want to take time to enjoy the rest of this one first. 

I have so much that I've been waiting to share with you including workshops, adventures, makers, fairs and interiors, so there will be loveliness coming your way! I will be blogging and I will be sharing plenty of this prettiness and love over on social media but it will be at the pace that I need it to be for a few weeks.

I hope you have got a plan to indulge yourself a little with some time for you before Christmas too. Have a beautiful weekend lovely people! xo 

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