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Introducing : Dot & Fox Print Shop

Today I'm excited to be sharing something very beautiful and special with you. One of my favourite UK photographers, Joanna Brown, has opened the most gorgeous online print shop, Dot & Fox, to sell some of her fabulous images. 

I love Joanna's style and of course I am drawn to the stunning florals she has captured. But it is not only that, which made me want to share with you today. Behind Dot & Fox is an inspiring and emotional story. I will leave you to read the beautiful words that Joanna has written about the sweet baby she lost, Dot, and the adorable little guy who was born earlier this year, Fox. 

As many of you will know I have lost babies too. I had two early miscarriages in 2010 before having the wonderful Max and then three years ago last week I had an ectopic pregnancy. I am so incredibly lucky to have four amazing, healthy, happy children but my three little lost ones will always live in my heart too. As the Summer changes to Autumn I always think of the little one we lost in 2011. 

To remember my tiny ones and to celebrate them I've chosen this "Life is a bed of roses" poster for my home workroom. Thank you for creating such beautiful things Joanna. xox

// All Images : Dot & Fox

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