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A little creative meditation

pink ranunculus  008.jpg

My little moments of calm in all the chaos, noise, rushing, playing, feeding, running, non-stopping of being a mother of four young children.

pink ranunculus  013.jpg

These creative meditations with my camera hold time still for a moment. They help me to breathe, to be me. 

pink ranunculus  017.jpg

I am then able to return to the buzz, the laughter, the chatter, the questions, the needs, a little more refreshed and calm. Sometimes I have little helpers next to me while I take the photos. Sometimes little feet and hands appear in the images. But this all adds to the charm. These little people know how to live in the moment so well. They are probably the best teachers I could have. 

pink ranunculus  001.jpg

I am so pleased that I decided to continue my 365 project for another year. It really has helped me so much this year already. 

This Saturday I will be at West Elm, London running a photography workshop. Come along if you'd like some tips on how to bring photography into your every day too! x

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