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Nine months with baby Rudi

Rudi9months 018.jpg

Yesterday little Rudi turned 9 months! Wow, little Rudi Ru you are getting so big and you're so keen to do all the things.

Rudi9months 011.jpg

You are so full of smiles and huge  belly laughs. I think it might be impossible for anyone to be sad when you are around. You certainly start my day with a smile every single morning. 

Rudi9months 017.jpg

I love to watch your quiet observations of all the chaos that is happening around you. You love to see what your big brothers and sister are doing and I know you're taking it all in and learning things for when you are a bit bigger. And they adore showing you things and talking to you. They are very kind to you and I'm pretty sure that's going to be the way for all of your life, you lucky thing! 

Rudi9months 019.jpg

Some days it can be really hard having four children, all still so little. I get tired and I know I can get grumpy but you know what lovely Rudi, I really want all this to last forever...even the tricky parts. I know too much about how it whizzes past in a flash and before I know it you'll be at school all day too. So, even on the days when I'm ridiculously tired I am going to remember how special all these days are. 

Rudi9months 005.jpg

You give the best cuddles and now add those cute, wet baby kisses! You are a bundle of love, joy and happiness. I hope we can help you stay that way for many years to come. We all love you little Rudi. Happy 9 months! xxx

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