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A photography kit wish list

A photography kit wish list

People are always asking me which camera they should buy or which lens they should buy next. Sometimes it's really clear to me what they need but other times it can be quite difficult to pin point the best camera for them. 

A camera is a tool to create images and like any tool people will have their favourites. I have favourite pens, a favourite pair of scissors and of course I have my favourite camera kit. But there are always things on my wish list and I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the cameras I would love to have. If you are looking for a new camera it may help you a little! 

First up is the beautiful compact camera above. I don't have a compact camera but if I did I'd love it to be this one. It is the Fujifilm X100S digital camera and it is modelled on the 1950s Leica Rangefinder cameras. Simply stunning and I hear that it takes amazing pictures. 

If my budget was smaller, however, I'd go for this sweet white Panasonic Lumix. We actually bought this one for our little girl's 7th birthday as her first camera, so I'm sure she'd let me borrow it occasionally! It's a beautiful camera and so light and small. Perfect to slip into your pocket to take out on adventures. 

If I was looking for a small (well smallish!) dSLR camera then I would go for this Canon EOS 100D, which you can also use for video. This would be a great entry level dSLR and is definitely on my list for a possible future family purchase as I think it would be a great size and weight for teaching my children with. 

I still love to shoot film when I get the time, so I have added two lovely looking film cameras to my wish list. 

Firstly, this beauty! This is the Lomography Belair x 6-12 Jetsetter Medium Format Analogue Camera. 

Just look at it! Wow! So gorgeous. 

This handsome Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 caught my eye too. An Instax has been on my wish list for years but I've never got around to actually choosing one. I love the stylish look of this one. 

And if I was going to blow the budget out the water? Well, it would have to be a Hasselblad. This one would do nicely! 

I hope that's given you a few camera ideas for different budgets and needs. Remember the best camera for you is the one in your pocket...or if it's a little too big for your pocket...the one you are actually going to use. Keep that in mind at all times when camera shopping. Pick a camera that feels nice to you. Does it fit nicely in your hands? It's so important. You are the one that's got to use it and it might do all the whizzy technical stuff you could dream of but if you don't like the way it feels in your hands you'll find it hard to actually use it. 

Happy snapping! x

{Thank you to John Lewis for asking me to work with them on this post. It has given me the perfect excuse for a little window shopping and to think about what I might save up for this year.]






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