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A birthday letter to Oren, age 5

a birthday letter

Each year I write a letter to my children on their birthdays. Today my second child, Oren turned five. 


Dear Oren, 

Wow....5! Now that is grown-up isn't it? I can't believe 5 whole years have passed since that cold, winter day that you were born. 

You are such an amazing boy. You are creative, smart, sweet, gentle (sometimes!), funny and super friendly. We all love you so much. 

You still absolutely adore your big sister - a love I hope lasts a lifetime - and you are the sweetest big brother to little Rudi, who you call Rudi Dudi, and cause her to giggle every day. You are slowly becoming friends with Max too. I think that this time next year you'll be the best of friends but you both need to grown-up a little bit more, so that he has a bit more understanding about the world and so that you understand that he doesn't know all that you do just yet. You love each other though, that is very clear...you're just learning the how to be friends bit! 

You still spend hours and hours drawing monsters. I don't think you've ever drawn the same one twice. It's quite amazing. I'm gathering as many of them as I can to put into a book for you and you've filled a sketch book already too. You also love to make stuff. We're never quite sure what it all is but it sure is important to you! Keep on making and drawing. 

Your favourite games are Mums & Dads and Playmobil - especially the dinosaurs. Still. I'm sure that was the case last year too but now Mums & Dads has more elements to it and you have collected more Playmobil. You also love the iPad....a little bit too much. 

You are now in your first year of school and wow you really love it. To say you are very keen is an understatement. You are so well-behaved, so helpful and so smart. I think you are your teacher's dream pupil. You've completed more sticker charts already than most children complete in a year. I'm so proud of you, although I try not to mention the sticker charts to other mothers - they might get the wrong impression and think I'm some pushy mother! It does make me laugh though. I hope one day I can work out the magic and get the same behaviour at home! Sadly for me you've used up all your energy being so very good at school that you are too exhausted to be quite so well-behaved at home. That's ok though. That's what home is for; a safe place where we all love each other...even on grumpy, tired days!

You love your little daily routines. When your Daddy goes to work you like a 'carry cuddle' and when I take you to school you like a cuddle, followed by me standing by the line waving continually until you go in. I must not look at anyone else or talk to another parent, in case I stop waving! You then like to say "love you Mummy, have a lovely day, see you later, love you" until you get through the door. It's so adorable...even though my arm aches! 

I'm so excited to see what you do this year and watch you grow a little more. You've already got the hang of reading, so I'm looking forward to watching you fly with that. And your writing too. I think you'll be writing some amazing stories to go with all those monster drawings before we know it. 

My beautiful Oren, stay happy, loving and kind. Hold onto your thirst for knowledge and your amazing creativity. Enjoy being 5, treasure every day and don't be in any rush to be 6.

Love you forever and ever,

Mummy xxx

PS....monkey is still very special to you and you sleep with him every night. I love that you do that. xxx

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