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Painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

yellowdrawers 059.jpg

Yesterday I wrote about falling in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints at the Rigby and Mac workshop and today I want to share a couple of things I've been busy painting. 

Both of these pieces are not quite finished. They need an extra coat of paint here or there but I'm sharing them with you today anyway. We're a family of makers with plenty of projects on the go all over the place. We love the making, the process and the sharing and I wanted to post this today to inspire you to get painting too. 

There are no before images because I usually get a chance to paint stuff late at night when the light is no good for photos. That also explains why I have missed bits here and there!

The piece I have painted is an old chest of drawers that had been wedged into a fireplace and we rescued it after some building work. 

I have painted it with English Yellow and stencilled the numbers with Paris Grey. We are a family of 6, so we have one drawer each. The children love it! We are putting it under the stairs, where it fits perfectly into a little gap and we've filled it with our gloves, hats and other bits and bobs. Fun! 

anniesloanpaintworkshop 008 (1).jpg

The second piece I have painted is this sweet little children's desk, which I found in a charity shop for £8 a couple of years ago and it's been waiting for some love ever since. I wanted to make it a fun piece for the children and also something that would make me smile, so I went for painting it all Pure and then adding a dip dye effect to the legs and a little English Yellow drawer on the side. I also painted the little wooden chair, rescued from a car boot sale for £1, in the same lovely yellow. 

anniesloanpaintworkshop 010 (1).jpg

Last year I bookmarked this post because I fell in love with the yellow on the inside of the cupboard doors on the blue dresser. I knew I wanted to do something similar on one (or probably more!) of the pieces of furniture I had lined up to paint. So, I painted the inside of the desk yellow too! I loved the children's faces when they opened it up. 

When I get a moment I will be finishing these pieces off and choosing what to paint next. Well, that's after I've finished painting my shed. If you've been following my Instagram stream you will have seen glimpses of my shed already but more coming here very soon. I can't wait to share my shed adventures with you! 

anniesloanpaintworkshop 035.jpg

If you are feeling inspired to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint then pop over to Rigby & Mac's Instagram stream this week to enter their competition to win some paint, a beautiful brush and a lovely book. Good Luck! x


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