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It's the little things - January


I love to record the little things that make me smile and this year I am using them to help me to really live my word of the year and to be content. Stopping and noticing the little things helps me to appreciate and live in the moment. It grounds me and keeps me smiling and happy. 

Here are some January Little Things. I hope they make you smile too. 

January was wet, chilly and dark as it always is but I have had a wonderful month. I have run workshops, celebrated a 5th birthday, had a meeting about something very exciting I hope to share soon, painted furniture happy, baked cakes and been featured on some of my favourite blog (here, here and here). 

This morning I have woken up to sunshine and blue skies. February, you are looking lovely already! 

Happy new month. Fill it with little things and make happy memories. x


Instagram favourites - January

A birthday letter to Oren, age 5