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Five Months with Baby Rudi

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Wow! Baby Rudi is now five month old! And yes, she's still smiling, giggling and pretty much the happiest baby in the World. She wakes up smiling every morning and apart from a few tired tears here and there that's how she stays all day. She is just adorable. 


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Her little personality is starting to shine more and more. She's full of love, happiness, determination and cheekiness. She is continuing to capture the hearts of her brothers and sister, who give her endless attention and love. She is completely entertained by their singing and dancing! So sweet.  

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This past month Rudi has made some huge steps. She's stopped sleeping in the sling during the day and now naps in her cot. I really miss the sling on some days but also love being able to give time to my other children or myself when she's having a nap. And, when we go out and she needs a sleep she still does this in the sling, so we both still get to enjoy it a couple of times a week. Plus I'm still breastfeeding, so there are plenty of cuddles and times to be close. 

Rudi has also stopped co-sleeping (well, almost!) and now starts every evening in her cot. She usually stays in her cot all night but if I'm really tired and she wakes for a feed then I will snuggle her in next to me. We made big progress in sleeping through the night but it was quite tricky to keep a routine going in the Summer holidays, so she's back to waking in the night most nights again but we've made huge progress in such a short space of time, so I am happy with where we're at with the whole sleeping thing. And hey, when Rudi does sleep through the night, my other children rarely all do, so I still don't get a night of unbroken sleep! With four children, there's a high chance one of them will need us in the night most nights. 

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Rudi, you really are my little sunshine! x

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