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Back to School Stationery Love

September Stationery.png

The lovely Ailie Williams is back again today with some gorgeous stationery finds and have you seen her new shop? 

September means just one thing to me. Stationery. When I flip over the calendar from August to September I get filled with giddiness at the thought of new pens, pencils, notebooks and files. I don’t think it matters how old you are, whether at school or work, you must be fully equipped for the year ahead with all your papery goodness! 

I am going into my final year at sixth form, so I am making sure this year I have all the prettiest supplies to make the workload a little less depressing. It helps. Trust me. 

  1. Sticky Notes – Kikki – K (this online store makes my heart flutter when I go on it – it’s a stationery lovers heaven!) 
  2. Box File – Rosehip Paper .  Perfect for keeping things tidy and safe 
  3. Notebook – The Green Gables. For all those ‘rather important’ notes.
  4. Pouch/Pencil Case – Alphabet Bags. Bring a bit of glitz and glamour to the classroom! 
  5. Pastel Pens – Kikki-K. Who can say no to a pretty pen…you won’t be letting people borrow these, that’s for sure! 
  6. Feather Files – Etsy. If you need to divide your notes/pieces of paper depending on subject etc. these are perfect! 

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