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Making a Happy Home

happyhome 009.jpg

Have you seen the new edition of Mollie Makes Home? I have been loving it this week and keep looking through it for inspiration of lovely happy spaces and homely goodness.  

I'm also super proud to see my very special friends Allison and Christian Sadler on the front cover! They have the most gorgeous home and you can take a lovely look around in the magazine. This pair are bursting with creativity and will most definitely inspire you.  

I have been inspired this week to start working on our home again. I have felt a bit (err...completely) overwhelmed by the chaos of having four little children and let it all get on top of me a bit. This is also partly due to breastfeeding Rudi for the past 5 months. As you sit there feeding your baby unable to move off the sofa, your home is literally turned upside down in front of your very eyes! 


happyhome 006.jpg

My first little project was adding washi tape to the shelves in Max's bedroom. So easy, fast and cute! I used black, white and yellow to co-ordinate with the rest of his room. I can't believe that something so simple has made such a difference. Every time I go in the room. It really makes me smile! 

happyhome 007.jpg
happyhome 008.jpg

I have also been working on our make and play room. This is a big project of organising so much stuff, getting rid of so much stuff and making it a happy, inspiring and creative space to be in for all of us.  

happyhome 002.jpg
happyhome 004.jpg

A happy start!  

Over the next few weeks I'll share some more little corners of our happy home as I try to beat the clutter and chaos! x

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