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It's the Little Things

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 As a busy mum to four little children and a wife to a super busy husband it is the little things in life, which often keep me going. Each week I will be writing a "it's the little things" post to share with you the things that have made me smile. The little things in life as so important but we often let them slip by. Appreciate the little things. They are precious.

This week's little things:  

Oh my....this week has been so lovely. My two little ones have been such a joy to spend each day with. Max has especially loved having lots of time with me all to himself. He is quite literally bursting with happiness and just keeps telling "Maxy happy Mama." And he really is. I think it's hard being a third child at this age. He's not quite old enough to properly join in with his older brother and sister, especially as they are so close. Each week though I see glimpses of how it is going to be soon though and I know it won't be long before they are all playing together a lot more.  

I also think it's quite hard getting attention as number three of four, not my baby but also not my older two either. But we are more than making up for it now that Oren is at school too and I think that top photo sums it all up! Look at the delight about getting a lollipop and a Playmobil character! He's just adorable.  

My wonderful students from Saturday's Make Light workshop have been making me smile all week too. Three more beautiful blog posts (thank you Katy, Fatima and Alyssa) and they have all been busy sharing photographs and stories together in our private Facebook group. It just fills my heart with happiness.  

In the background there's been some pretty big startup life stress but the little (big) things are all good!  

Making a Happy Home

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