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And then there were two

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This week is the first week that I have two of my children at school full-time. It's all change around here and from 9-3pm each day there are just two children to look after. I feel like I've stepped back in time. And it makes looking after two little children feel like a breeze! Well, perhaps not quite that easy but wow it makes a big difference. 

Max is absolutely loving it. I haven't seen him quite so happy since he was a baby. And it's just so very lovely to be able to spend some time with him 1-2-1 when Rudi is sleeping. His language has had another explosion over the past few days and it's just so lovely.  

I am determined to make the most of this year with Max and Rudi before our days are chopped up by nursery again next September. I am planning to have one day trip a week into Central London, which I'm looking forward to. 


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I think having four children makes me a little bit more aware of the time I spend with each of them and wanting to make the most of 1-2-1 opportunities. As they grow up a bit we have plans to make sure we both have time with all four of them individually but at the moment they wouldn't really understand why one of them was getting to do something fun and they weren't! So, until that time comes I will do my best to enjoy any time I do have with one or two of my children at a time.  

And of course when we are all together too! Now that I'm with just two in the day time I already feel I have some more energy for having all four of them after school, which is a great feeling. Let's hope it lasts.  

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Life with little ones is always up and down as things change and phases come and go but right now I'm super happy with my days with Max and Rudi! x

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