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Pottering is so good for you

pottering 001.jpg

If there is one thing I miss the most about my pre-baby days it's pottering about. I love it so much and I rarely get enough pottering time in my life at the moment. I don't think I'd realised this until yesterday morning.  

I had planned all week to spend Sunday going to as many things as possible on my London Design Festival list. I hadn't been able to get to anything during the week or the weekend before but had been enviously looking at tweets, Instagram images and blog posts about all the wonderful things people were going to.  

When I woke up I was exhausted after an amazing day on Saturday and I started to question going into town with little Rudi to zoom around seeing all that I wanted to see. In my head I started to cut down my list of things to make it more manageable. I realised I didn't want to spend all day in town but really wanted to be at home. But it was the last day of the London Design Festival. What was I thinking? I had to go and see all the beautiful things. I had to make the most of a day with just Rudi. A day when I could finally go to all the things. 

But, all I really wanted to do was be at home and potter about. I realised I hadn't had any pottering time for ages and my mind and body were telling me I needed it. I needed to be busy doing not very much at all. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A bit of making, a bit of reading, lots of just being. Pottering about, tidying things up, sorting bits and bobs out, clearing my head, slowing down and breathing in that lovely, cosy feeling of being at home.  

When I made my decision to stay at home I scooped up little Rudi and went back to bed for a nap! That is the perfect way to start a day of pottering. It was a really lovely day. I missed the festival but I did potter really well! 

Do you like pottering? I hope you get to make some time to do it. Book some into your diary if, like me, you are overdue some pottering time.  

If you didn't make the London Design Festival either, don't worry because these lovely people did and they took pretty pictures of all the things I wanted to see. Enjoy! x

Little Big Bell - Donna Wilson 

The Making Home - Design Junction

Colour Living - Moleskine Sketch Relay

Fabric Of My Life - Wrong for Hay

Confessions of a Design Geek - Mini Moderns Remix


And then there were two

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