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A moment of calm

dahlias 018.jpg

This week I have had  far too many moments when I've felt like my head is going to explode. I think it's all just going to burst out like I'm some crazy mother in a cartoon! Thinking of this image has helped me to smile instead of cry when things have all got too much.  

dahlias 017.jpg

Most of the time I cope pretty well with my rather hectic life but sometimes I feel like I just can't breathe or think straight.

Fortunately I know when it's all getting too much and I'm learning more and more about how to find moments of calm. When you don't have much time to yourself it's even more important to be able to be calm and peaceful quickly, and to feel a sense of refreshment from just a short moment of relaxation. To cherish a couple of minutes silence. Or in the chaos when it's all really loud and silence can't be found to find a different way to be calm. 

For me, taking photographs each day helps me to feel grounded and calm. I photograph flowers nearly every day and in the minutes I find to do this I feel so calm and peaceful. I feel connected with myself and I feel like everything stops for a moment. I feel completely in the moment. 

dahlias 023.jpg
dahlias 021.jpg

I'm still working hard on wanting to do all the things and not being able to but as long as I can find a moment to photograph my image of the day I know that I have had my little moment of calm.  

I hope you've found a moment of calm today. x


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