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The Summer she learnt to ride her bike

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This is the Summer that my little girl has really started to grow in so many wonderful ways that I wasn't really expecting to happen so soon. She is becoming so wise, thoughtful, caring and smart. She has become pretty much the best big sister I've ever met. Her brothers and little sister are so lucky to have her. And, she is just so much fun to hang out with and chat to. I know we are going to have so many lovely conversations and times together. It makes me so proud and happy to be her mother. 

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And, this is the Summer she will always remember because it's the one when she learnt to ride her bike. My children never fail to amaze me but this was one of those moments I will never forget. She had been talking about learning to ride her bike without stabilisers for quite some time but we were waiting for the right time to know that we would have a few weeks in row where we could keep practicing. We thought it might take a while.  

We got to the park and explained that she might fall off quite a lot and it might be quite tricky. About 30 seconds later, she just started riding her bike. Just like that! No wobbles. No holding on to the back and running along behind her. No tears. No falling off. We couldn't believe it. And neither could Imogen. She rode around the park for the next two hours getting faster and more confident as she went. She didn't fall off once. It was absolutely beautiful. The freedom, the confidence and the sheer delight. And all in her favourite dress of the year, the one with the neon pink straps and bow. This girl has style! 

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Imogen, you are incredible and every day you get more and more amazing, beautiful, creative and smart. I love you so much. Thank you for making me so very happy. xxx

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