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Oren starts school

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Today my second child, Oren, starts school. I think he's been waiting for this day ever since his big sister started school two years ago. During the first week that she was there full time he sat outside the school gates (at about 11am) and sobbed that we couldn't go in and get here. Pretty much every day since she started school he's asked when we can pick her up.  

I am so excited for them that they will be at school together and sometimes get to play in the same playground. And I am so excited for Oren. He loves learning, playing and making friends. He is going to have so much fun.  

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I'm both relieved he's going tomorrow as he's so, so ready but also sad that my cute little boy won't be by my side during the day. I'm going to miss him. I don't think his little brother is going to miss him though! I think Max can't wait to have a lot more time with me to himself, well apart from Rudi but as she's not talking yet he really will be getting a lot of conversation with mummy time.

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To my sweet Oren,

Wow! Your first day of school has finally arrived. It's is finally tomorrow and September and all those things you've been dreaming off all Summer. 

A new adventure is about to begin and I just know you are going to have so much fun and learn so many amazing things.  

You told me yesterday that you'd like to make six friends and I just know you are going to do that and more.  

Work hard, play hard, keep asking interesting questions, keep dreaming, drawing and making, grow that amazing imagination and more than anything be happy and enjoy these wonderful times.  

And every day at the end of the day I will be there to meet you with a big hug and a snack!  

Love you so much Mr O,

Mummy xxx


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