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That was August: This is September

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Hello September! I love September. I love how the seasons begin to change, how the light is so beautiful. I love the feelings of a new, fresh start that come however many years it is since I left education. I love feeling a little chilly in the morning and the evening and needing a jumper or a pair of socks. And I adore how the colours begin to change.  

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This September is full of excitement as my second child, Oren, starts school. Wow! I feel a mixture of sadness that his pre-school years are over but so much happiness for him as his much anticipated adventure is about to begin and he can finally join his big sister at full-time school.  

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I am always happy to see September but this year I'm sad to say goodbye to August. I was so worried that this month would be too hard for me. I am completely exhausted but in a lovely way. Our school holidays have been full of smiles, happy days, love and little adventures. Our time together has made me realise once more just how much I love being a mother and being in a big family. And I have just loved watching my children be together and grow together as a little crew. 


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We have had beautiful Summer weather too. Definitely a Summer to remember.  

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And so, to September. A month where I want to focus on this and practice it over and over again until I can truly say that I am happy to achieve little things. What are your plans for the month? Do you like to see Autumn begin to appear?  

Here's to a happy September! x

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